Best Friends National Conference

Animal Welfare Directors of Camden County highlight lifesaving initiatives at National Conference

Camden County’s animal welfare leaders, Vicki Rowland, Camden County Animal Shelter (CCAS) Executive Director and Maya Richmond, Animal Welfare Association (AWA) Executive Director will be speaking at the Best Friends National Conference in Atlantic City, New Jersey on July 13 through 15 at Harrah’s Waterfront Conference Center. Both Directors will be highlighting how their organizations have collaborated and resulted in measurable lifesaving impact in Camden County at the Save Them All: Northeast Regional Case Studies workshop. Best Friends National Conference have selected speakers to highlight best practices in animal welfare; who will share and connect with thousands of animal welfare leaders from all over the country.

It was only a few years ago when animals were not safe in our community. ”The leadership of AWA and CCAS created programs to lower the number of homeless animals entering our Camden County’s shelter and have worked to increase pet adoptions. What they have done is working and they should be recognized for their leadership,” shared Camden County Board of Freeholders, Jeffery Nash. Together these two organizations lead the no-kill movement in Camden County with a 92% live release collectively; both continue to identify lifesaving initiatives to reach community wide no-kill.

“We combine our organizational strengths to better the lives of animals”, says Vicki Rowland, Executive Director of CCAS. “With organizational collaboration, we unite our leadership skills sets, knowledge and information that increases our capacity to do more for our animals in Camden County.” Camden County Animal Shelter is an open-admission progressive shelter that exclusively holds the animal service contracts for the City of Camden and 17 other municipalities in Camden County.

“By sharing resources, being transparent in our objectives, and trusting each other the collaboration between Animal Welfare Association (Voorhees, NJ) and Camden County Animal Shelter (Blackwood, NJ) has changed the landscape for the animals in our community”, says Maya Richmond, Executive Director of AWA. Animal Welfare Association is a private limited-intake shelter with 69 years of providing progressive community-wide services. Over the last four years, both organizations have collaborated resources and successfully demonstrated results with decreasing stray pet impoundment from the City of Camden.

Directors Background

Vicki Rowland has 10 years of experience in animal welfare that involves management, marketing and public relations, strategic planning, and fundraising development. Since 2013, Vicki has held the position of executive director of the Animal Welfare Society of Camden County (AWSCC) nonprofit operating the Camden County Animal Shelter (CCAS) in Blackwood, New Jersey.

Maya Richmond has 15 years of experience in animal welfare and before joining AWA in 2009, she was the director of operations and program development for the Maryland SPCA in Baltimore. She enjoys using her business knowledge to design programs that directly improve the welfare of animals in the community. At AWA, she has worked to develop sustainable programs and fundraising so that AWA can do more for the community, including comprehensive pet programs in the City of Camden.

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