Cat Found Injured in Camden

James – 8/11/17

A cat was found injured in Camden on Friday, 8/11 who has been named James. James is estimated to be one year old. He had a fractured jaw and broken leg when he was picked up by an animal control officer. James fell off a balcony from a fifth floor building in Camden. James was taken to Blackwood Animal Shelter for immediate treatment and placed into a medical foster home by Camden County Animal Shelter.

At the Camden County Animal Shelter Clinic, James had extensive surgery last week to repair a fracture jaw and broken leg. It was a very difficult fracture repair; however we are hopeful at this time he will make a full recovery. He will remain in foster care during recovery period before available for adoption.

To help more animals like James, please consider donating to the Bella Memorial Medical Fund.

James – 8/24/17

The fund enables the Camden County Animal Shelter to provide costly medical care and procedures to needy pets wanting nothing more than to continue loving and enjoying life with a human companion.

Camden County Animal Shelter cares for any animal regardless of the reason which may include a pet surrendered by their owners due to medical issues or financial limitations, a stray animal that has been abandoned as well as any animal that has suffered extreme neglect from starvation and medical treatment. Every day we provide quality medical care and housing for our animals as we strive to find them new loving homes.

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