Owen and Oletta

“In September 2015 my family adopted Fez, which we renamed Owen, and in November 2015 we adopted Sprite, now named Oletta from Camden County Animal Shelter. We had bought our first house and knew something was missing and a dog was the answer.

Our first few months with Owen were less than ideal as he was a nervous, scared and an anxious 11 month old Pitbull/Boxer. He wasn’t sure if he was home forever or if he would end up back in a shelter cage. As we started our lives as a family of three we all went through a change to learn about each other and how to teach an animal that can’t speak or understand English that he is safe and home forever.

When we adopted Oletta, a Pitbull, in November we found ourselves with two puppies to teach about love, life and forever. Oletta was in worse shape than we imagined when we finally got her home. She was suspected of being used as a bait dog before she was found as a stray. She had mange and a burn on her back, among other obvious signs of abuse and neglect, not to mention the emotional and mental scars that seem to still show themselves today in small glimpses.

Today however, we have two loving, caring and protective dogs that we could not imagine life without. Being greeted every day with wagging tails, endless kisses and cuddles is a priceless treasure that I hope everyone has a chance to experience. The gentle nature and sweet disposition of both Owen and Oletta make them a favorite anywhere they are taken. They enjoy car rides, dog parks, tennis balls and long naps in their Mama and Papa’s bed, always together. They love meeting new people, snowy days, treats, and walks, Chinese food take out white rice, looking out the window for hours, occasionally being naughty and cuddles.

Thank you for bringing these two members of our family into our lives. We are forever grateful and spread the word of animal adoption and Camden County Animal Shelter whenever possible.” Alyssa Engstrom-Dougherty

Brandi and Sammi

Originally Cammi and Furby, these two little girls came from 2 different litters. They were at the Blackwood shelter and when i saw them, i knew i had to bring them in to foster. Sole survivors of their litters, they came into the shelter around 7 weeks old. Both sick with injuries, were fostered together and grew very close. They got strong, healthy and after 3 months of fostering they got a home together. The foster mom had a friend who came for “play dates” each week to get to know the girls..and we still have play dates each month. These girls are now Brandi and Sammi..still best friends – and they call the shots at their new forever home! They are both totally healthy now and living a very spoiled and happy life!


We adopted Geronimo (now named “Sonny” after a character in the movie Bronx Tale) in December 2010. We have been having a wonderful time with our new addition to the family! Sonny loves to play outside & really loves to snuggle on the couch with us under a warm blanket. He continues to perform his tricks effortlessly each time for a snack or toy! We even taught him a few more tricks!! When told to stand up & walk, Sonny will stand up on his hind legs and take a few hops towards us (he looks like a bunny or kangaroo..so cute!) & he can even balance a treat on his nose & then will throw it up in the air & grab it when told go! He is such a joy to have in our home 🙂 Family & friends who stop over can not wait to see him! They usually greet Sonny before us lol!!

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to have such a wonderful dog! We love him so much & we’re pretty sure by his kisses, snuggling, and constantly wagging tail that he loves us too 🙂

~Kelly & Jay


In 2012, at the young age of 18, a man signed up as an Infantryman with the U.S. Army and was quickly sent off to fight the war against Terrorism. After several tours in Iraq he has only spoken once about the time that changed his life forever. One day on patrol his convoy was suddenly struck by several IED’s.

This young man struggled ferociously in dust and fire to pull his brothers one by one, extremely wounded and screaming for their lives to try to get them to safety. He lost so much that day, lost friends, soldiers and brothers.

When he came home, he was a changed man. Paranoid, afraid, lost and broken were his new emotions. He was in need of a companion and already on the search for a service dog. He was recommended to adopt a dog from Camden County Animal Shelter. With the help of shelter staff, he was shown Codah, a large Coon Hound/Labrador Mix, a beauty that was overlooked because of her size and extreme activeness. He took her in the Play-yard at the shelter and played Frisbee for almost an hour. She jumped up any chance she could get to lick his face! They immediately bonded.

He ended up adopting her through the Pets for Vets Program, which is a program the shelter offers to veterans to waive adoption fees for these heroic men and woman. Veterans have served our country in high-risk, life-threatening jobs to keep Americans safe! Codah and new companion have become best friends. They go for long walks and runs. He takes her into a swimming pool while holding her so she feels safe. She will lick your face for hours if you let her. She is obedient, loyal, loving and does great with kids, cats and other dogs.

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