Pet Products for Sale

We have items for sale available for you and your new pet at our adoption center. You will be ready to go home with your pet today!

Product Price
Lupine Martingale Collar/Leash Set $30.00 (LIFETIME GUARANTEE)
Lupine Harness/Leash Set $35.00 (LIFETIME GUARANTEE)
Engraved Tags $5.00
Specialty Tags $8.00
Cardboard Cat Carrier $5.00
Small Crate $40.00
Medium Crate $50.00
Intermediate Crate $60.00
Large Crate $70.00
XL Crate $80.00

Items are non-refundable.

All dogs are required to leave with a collar, leash and tag. No torn collars/leashes, plastic buckles or retractable leashes.

All cats are required to leave with a carrier, collar and tag. Must be mesh or hard carrier.