Vaccinations are offered every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 9:00 am to 10:30 am and are offered on a walk-in basis (no appointment is required). Please check our events page as holidays and weather may affect the schedule.

Vaccinations are important to protect your pet from many viruses in order to maintain your pets’ health and wellness. Call 856-401-1300 ext. 109 for more information about vaccinations.

For Cats
Vaccination Purpose Price
Feline Distemper
(FVRCP) Vaccine
Prevent viruses $16.00
Protex Bb – Feline Bordetella Prevents upper respiratory $16.00
Rabies Vaccine Prevent rabies $16.00
For Dogs
Vaccination Purpose Price
Canine Distemper
(DA2PP) Vaccine
Prevent viruses $16.00
Canine Distemper w/ LEPTO
(DHLPP) Vaccine
Prevent viruses and Leptospirosis
(bacterial disease)
Canine Bordetella Vaccine Prevent kennel cough $16.00
Canine Influenza Vaccine Prevent viruses $20.00
Rabies Vaccine Prevent rabies $16.00
Lyme Vaccine
(8 weeks to 6 months no test is needed and a booster is given in 3 weeks)
Lyme Disease
$22.50 per vaccine
Lyme Disease Test
and One Vaccine
Test for Lyme disease
and vaccine
Second Lyme Vaccine Vaccine booster dose $22.50
  • An additional $2.00 medical waste charge will be applied.