Cat Spay/Neuter

Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center Clinic provides quality veterinary care at an affordable cost that includes spay/neuter surgeries and pet wellness service. Quality veterinary care is provided by leading South Jersey veterinarians who perform routine surgeries and medical services for both shelter and public animals at Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center.

Services will be provided to cats from 3 months to 5 years of age. Any pet 5 years and older must have blood work prior to anesthesia as a safety precaution. We offer blood work services and accept blood work from a referred veterinarian completed within the last six months. We highly recommend and e-collar so your cat will not lick or chew at the incision site and pain medications to keep your pet comfortable.

Cat Surgeries

Low-cost spay/neuter surgeries take place on Tuesday through Friday by a licensed veterinarian. Call 856-401-1300 ext. 109 to schedule a surgery appointment today.

Cat Surgeries Male Female
Surgery $85.00 $120.00
With Rabies and Distemper Add $37.00 Add $37.00
Feral Cat Package
Includes ear tipping and Rabies vaccine
$45.00 $45.00

**No surgery if in heat (must wait 2 weeks); add $60.00 to surgery price if pregnant

Blood Work

Our clinic offers routine blood work starting at $140.00 depending on the age of your pet, which helps uncover underlying medical problems that you may not be aware of, giving valuable insight into the health of your pet and the opportunity to catch illnesses early.

Please Note:

  • An additional $2.00 medical waste charge will be applied.
  • There is an additional charge for retained testicles.
  • Reduced rates are available to shelters and rescues and low-income families.

Please contact Valerie Miller, Clinic Manager 856-401-1300 ext. 110 for more information about clinic services.