Community Cats Spay/Neuter

Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center Clinic provides quality veterinary care at an affordable cost that includes spay/neuter surgeries and pet wellness service. Quality veterinary care is provided by leading South Jersey veterinarians who perform routine surgeries and medical services for both shelter and public animals at Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center.

Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center Clinic provides low-cost surgeries for community cat caregivers.  Call 856-401-1300 ext. 109 to schedule your surgery appointment today.

Feral Cat Surgeries Male Female
Feral (includes ear-tipping)* $35.00 $35.00**

*Includes Rabies Vaccinations
**No surgery if in heat (must wait 2 weeks); add $20.00 to surgery price if pregnant

We offer discounts for caregivers who have colonies of more than 10 cats, please contact Valerie Miller, Clinic Manager 856-401-1300 ext. 109 for more information about community cat services.