Memorial Medical Funds

Bella Memorial Medical Fund

Bella spent her first two years in a place that bred dogs just like her for a profit. She was living in extremely poor conditions without electricity or running water with over 20 other dogs.  She was severely matted and flea infested and was nursing five puppies. She and her puppies were rescued by an animal control officer and taken to Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center to be cared for and nurtured back to health.

The Zebrowski-Pradhan family was able to provide her and her puppies a foster home and Bella quickly became part of the family. For eight years, she was a constant companion and best friend. She recently passed away after a long battle with Mitral Valve Disease (MVD) in December 2016. MVD is the most common form of heart disease found in dogs, with small dogs being affected the most.

This year, the Zebrowski-Pradhan family established the Bella Memorial Medical Fund of Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center. The fund will help animals with special needs receive the veterinary care they need in order to heal and be adopted into safe, loving homes.

The Bella Memorial Medical Fund enables Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center to provide costly medical care and procedures to needy pets wanting nothing more than to continue loving and enjoying life with a human companion.

How To Contribute
You can help us provide vital medical treatment to more animals like Bella. Your gift will help us save more lives today!

  • $50 will assist with diagnostics and blood work testing
  • $100 will provide medicine for a special needs pet
  • $150 will provide x-ray for broken limbs
  • $200 will assist with massive tumor removals
  • $250 will assist with emergency surgery

“Bella was such a patient and loving companion for many years. Her spirit and legacy will continue on to help more animals of [Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center] that are fortunate enough to have the second chance that Bella received through the Bella Memorial Medical Fund.”

Visit the Bella Memorial Medical Fund and give today. Your contribution will directly support an animal that is in need of surgery or extreme medical care. To make a donation by phone, call our Development Team at 856-401-1300 ext. 115.