Rent-A-Dog Program at Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center

Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center Introduces New Rent-A-Dog program

Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center launched the program on April 25th and within hours we had three shelter dogs rented for a couple of hours. Cassandra was taken out for a long walk yesterday. Cassandra has been with the shelter since January 2018 that is 4 months today. She is a 4 year, mixed breed who is a laid back girl and has perfect leash manners.

This programs was developed to enrich the daily lives of our shelter pets as well as provide a way the community who would love to own a dog but for one reason or another cannot.  This new program allows for approved patrons to take a Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center “Rent-A-Dog” out for one to three hours during the day; whether it is for a hike, a walk in the park, or just to cuddle. You can now enjoy the company of a shelter dog during your lunch break. This program allows for the shelter pet and renter to de-stress together.

We strive daily to keep our dogs as comfortable as possible but the ultimate goal is to get the dog outside. The time out of the shelter is vital for both the mental and physical health of the dogs in our care. By renting a dog you will help that dog find a home and greatly improve his or her quality of life during their stay with Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center.

The Rent-A-Dog program helps with our long timer dogs who have not found a home. Cassandra was able to enjoy a few hours away because of the special program. At the end of day, Cassandra was returned back to the shelter where she waits for her forever home.

You must be 18 years old with valid driver’s license to qualify for program, complete a dog questionnaire and sign foster care agreement, as well as go through a dog handling session with trained staff and volunteers. You do not need to be an active volunteer; however, we encourage everyone to join!

Please click here to fill out our Rent-a-Dog Questionnaire to have ready when you visit the shelter to pick up your Rent-A-Dog!

Click here for a list of suggestions for your outing with your Rent-A-Dog!

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Story from a Renter:

May 1st, 2018: Taco had a lovely afternoon walk today at Tall Pines.  Such a sweet, well-behaved, handsome man.  Melissa and I can’t wait to take him out again, but we of course hope he finds the perfect “furever” home before we get the chance.
We wanted to pass along that we encountered many other people, dogs, and birds during our outing, and while he was interested, he was in no way aggressive or insistent about interacting with any of them.  He was perfectly behaved in the car, staying calmly in the backseat the entire time without any correction.  He does, for some reason, try to exit through the front.
He drinks very well from a squeeze bottle of water, and easily consumed half a liter over the course of an hour and a half.  He would have had more, and even though it was only about 70°, the exertion and the heat seemed to get to him a bit.  He required a few periods of patient rest over the duration.
All and all, a perfect gentleman, and a lovely companion.
Taco while out with his renter:

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